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Jujitsu America Annual Convention 2016

Come to our
2016 Jujitsu America Annual Convention and National Tournaments!

October 7-9, 2016
Orlando, Florida

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Message from Michael Antonides - Co-Chair, United States Coalition of Sports Jujitsu Organizations

The First "Unified National Sports Ju Jitsu Championship" took place in Sparks Nevada on June 19th 2016. This important event took place at the Nugget Casino, in conjunction with the prestigious Danzan Ryu "Ohana" event.

Competitors from many different organizations competed, with well over 150 competitors at the Championship with the majority being Sports Ju Jitsu, as well as Ju Jitsu Kata and Self-Defense Demonstrations. The Ohana event drew over 550 participants. Along with the competition, numerous high level seminars and clinics were held throughout the weekend.

Competitors ranged in ages from 5 to 60 with beginners to world class competitors. Competitors were represented from coast to coast from New York to Hawaii.

Congratulations to all the competitors for making the effort to travel and compete at the very First "Unified National Championship". All these individual competitor’s efforts will be recognized and recorded in the halls of history forever.

The goal of the "United States Coalition of Sports Juj Jitsu Organizations" is to bring together competitions in Sports Ju Jitsu in an effort to build and unite all competitors and Sport Ju Jitsu Organizations in the USA for the betterment of the sport. It is our hope that more and more sports Ju Jitsu enthusiasts will begin competing at regional and national tournaments sponsored and supported by the Coalition.

Currently there are over 10 national organizations within this Coalition that are exclusively focused on Sports Ju Jitsu, or is a major component of their organizational activities. Many of these organizations train their competitors for international competitions.

The second "Unified National Sports Ju Jitsu Championship" will be held at the "Ju Jitsu America National Convention" in Orlando, Florida, this important event will be held at the International Palms Resort Hotel on October 7-9th 2016.

Pictures of the Unified National Championship



Michael Antonides


United States Coalition of Sports Ju Jitsu Organizations


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Jujitsu America Scholarship Program

The Jujitsu America scholarship fund supports our most deserving members to continue to develop and improve their Danzan-ryu Jujitsu knowledge and skills, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so.

Follow these links to learn more or to apply for a scholarship.

Jujitsu America Scholarship Information

Jujitsu America Scholarship Application

Jujitsu America Scholarship Instructor Transcript

Or, email the Scholarship Fund Chair: Richard Bunch

National Seminar Series that Benefited St. Jude Children's Hospital on 3/19/2016 was a huge success!


Jujitsu America sponsored simultaneous seminars around the country to raise awareness and donations for Saint Jude Research Hospital

Click here for more information about the seminars


U.S. Coalition of Sport Jujitsu Organizations Agrees on Joint National Tournament to Be Held at Ohana 2016

On the 27th of February 2016 a historic summit on Sport Jujitsu took place in Reno, Nevada. This congress of all the major Sport Jujitsu Organizational Heads was held at the beautiful Nugget Casino. They came together from all
parts of the United States including New York, Hawaii, Florida, Ohio, Nevada and California. They represented a dozen of the MAJOR Sport Jujitsu groups in US. This is a reality that could not have been dreamed of 15 years ago.

This Coalition of Organizational Heads unanimously agreed that the problem with Sport Jujitsu in the US has been that the tournaments have been scattered and isolated throughout the country, with no true continuity or unity. It was decided that much could be gained with unity and mutual support of all the US organizations. By having this Coalition of Organizations, we can have unifying tournaments both regionally and nationally.

With this unified national coalition, all Sport Jujitsu organizations involved will benefit from increased competition and exposure for the advancement of both the athletes and the United States overall. Each Sport Jujitsu Organization will maintain its own culture and anonymity while benefiting from this coalition. All involved considered the creation of this coalition no less then “Epic” for Sport Jujitsu in the United States with the ultimate, long term goal being International competition with the other 88 countries already competing in Sport Jujitsu.

This U.S. Coalition of Sport Jujitsu Organizations unanimously agreed to hold the first U.S. National Unifying tournament at the prestigious “Ohana” Conference in Nevada in June of 2016. This important event will use Jujitsu
America Sport Jujitsu Rules.

The participating U.S. Coalition of Sport Jujitsu Organizations include:
Jujitsu America
United States Sport Jujitsu Association
United States Jujitsu Federation
United States Sports Jujitsu Alliance
United States Sports Jujitsu League
American Jujitsu Institute
Shin Koden Kai Federation
Bushidokan Federation
United States Judo Association (Jujitsu Division)

JA Sport Jujitsu at Ohana 2016

To All Dojo Heads and Jujitsu America Members,

As the new chair of the Sport Jujitsu Committee, it’s with great enthusiasm that I can announce that Jujitsu America will introduce Sport Jujitsu at the Ohana convention in Reno, Nevada in June of 2016. It is the first time multiple Sport Jujitsu Organizations have agreed to come together to promote and compete in Sport Jujitsu at the national level. The collective goal of these various Sport Jujitsu organizations is for the United States to have a powerful presence on the much larger international Sport Jujitsu scene.

Our hope is that Ohana 2016 will be a segue into more collaboration with the national Sport Jujitsu Community, with local, regional, and national competitions. I would like to personally encourage all Dojo Heads to support this unique opportunity to enrich and perpetuate our art, our athletes and our organization. 

Thank you, 

Coach Willy Cahill

Chair of the Sport Jujitsu Committee 

For more information on Ohana 2016, click here

Fundraiser for Sr. Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier

Jujitsu America is currently trying to help one of our long time associates and friend who is in need. He is going in for more surgery and could use our help. Please take a look at the following link to read more about Sr. Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier and his situation.

Please click here for more information
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