Fundraiser for Sr. Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier

Jujitsu America is currently trying to help one of our long time associates and friend who is in need.

Senior Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier is one of the top Kajukenbo masters in the world and he has been involved with Jujitsu America for many, many years (and he is a life member). He has come to teach at our events for free, helped in other ways at our functions and has been a great friend to many of our founders, professors, instructors and students. He has travelled around the world teaching martial arts for about 50 years. 

Unfortunately he has suffered multiple bouts of throat cancer (Phase 4), and recently had to have his voice box and much of his throat removed in order to eliminate the cancer. Luckily they were able to remove and treat the cancer to the point that he is now cancer free!! However, years of hospital stays and treatments has drained his finances and is now in dire need of financial aid and living expenses and treatments.

He is back to teaching and if you would like to support him by bringing him in to teach a seminar/class, he would be happy to do so.

UPDATE: He is currently going back in for another surgery and so any well wishes or donations would be much appreciated!

Or, please click here to go to the donation entry form and he would greatly appreciate any help provided.

For more information about his background, click here.

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