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Videos of past Jujitsu America Kata Competitions

Rules for Jujitsu America Kata Competition

The purpose of traditional Kata competition along with the venue of modern Sport Jujitsu is to provide competitors from various Jujitsu styles and various backgrounds an opportunity and format to compete in traditional Jujitsu Kata Competition. The Jujitsu Kata competition shall be the cooperative effort of a pair of individuals who perform pre- selected Jujitsu techniques and who demonstrate these techniques in an effective choreographed traditional manner emphasizing quality of style, effectiveness, and aesthetic value of the art.

Jujitsu America, by including traditional Kata, demonstrates the progression of modern Sport Jujitsu as well as the historical tradition of classic Jujitsu. The preservation of traditional Kata will maintain the integrity of classical Jujitsu. This is the best of both worlds’: progression (Sport Jujitsu), and preservation (Kata). A freestyle self-defense demonstration division will also be supplemented to display even a broader diversity of competition.