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JUJITSU AMERICA is one of the premier jujitsu organizations in the world today and has been serving the martial arts community since 1976. JUJITSU AMERICA has members throughout the United States and from around the world. One of the primary goals of JUJITSU AMERICA is to bring together martial artists representing many different styles of jujitsu and other martial arts, to train and develop together, and to share knowledge and appreciation of the martial arts within the organization and throughout the greater martial arts community.

Our focus within JUJITSU AMERICA is on lifelong training, development, and sharing of knowledge among all our members.

Membership Benefits:
  • JA Member Dojo status is awarded to a club when the club registers ten or more members with JA. 
  • National and regional events open to all JA members, offered with a discount for JA members, including JA Annual Convention, Regional Clinics, Sport Jujitsu Competition Events, Kata & Freestyle Self-Defense Competition Events, and Seminars.
  • Certified, fair ranking for all JA Dojo members, in accordance with JA Standards Board requirements.
  • Instructor Certification, recognizing Certified Jujitsu Instructor status.
  • Sport Jujitsu Referee Certification, recognizing capability to officiate at JA & USJA Sport Jujitsu events.
  • Massage Certification, recognizing successful completion of designated requirements for restorative massage therapy.
  • Quarterly JA Today Newsletter published for all JA members with features on current and upcoming events, competitions, organizational and school news, promotions and awards, techniques, and health & fitness.
  • Jujitsu America Patch and Membership Card provided with each active annual membership and Dojo Certificate for JA Member Dojos.
  • Opportunity to study and train with renowned martial arts experts representing several styles of Jujitsu, Judo, and other martial arts.
  • US Judo Association (USJA) & Jujitsu America (JA) Joint Club Membership Benefits deliver special benefits for clubs that join both organizations.
Membership Application-Online Form
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