2022 Ohana Instructors

We would like to welcome and thank the instructors that will be joining us to celebrate Ohana 2022!

Rudy Aguilar Carla Bunch
Richard Bunch
Brad Burgo
Willy Cahill Mel Canisbog Dale Casale Graciela Casillas
Dave Castoldi Kevin Colton Kevin Dalrymple
Tim Delgram
Dayn DeRose Milind Dhond Ken Eddy Franko Ferris
Carlos Gallegos Sheryl Hager Rowdy Hall Robert Hodge
Harold Horiuchi Scott Horiuchi Hans Ingebretsen Gary Jones
Bruce Juchnick Stan Kendrick Herb LaGue
Mike Larsen
Eric Lee Kai Li Darlynson Lira Dan Lovas
Bob Maschmeier Tony Maynard Charlie Mosqueda James Muro
Ron Ogi Janice Okamoto Chris Peterson Richard Pietrelli
Russ Rhodes Len Riley
Rick Robinson
Tom Ryan
Daniel Saragosa John Shipley Mark Shuey Joe Souza
Shane Thompson
 Mark Tuthill  Jon Ward  Laura Welch

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Rudy Aguilar

Professor Rudolph Aguilar is an 8th Dan in Kodenkan Jujitsu, 2nd Dan in Kodokan Judo and has been a student in Martial Arts since 1965 with Sensei Richard and Jane Travers with the Logan Judo Club.

He served in the US Army from 1968 to 1971 and served in Vietnam. After service became Head Instructor of the Mission Judo club with Jack Mendonca.  

In 1973 the Mission Judo club joined up with Sensei Frank Sisk and Sensei Mike Gamberg. forming the Newark Judo Club.  He coached the Newark Judo team and in 1974 became Head Instructor of the Newark Judo Club.  In 1986 the Newark Judo Club changed its name to Newark Judo-Jujitsu Club and he has been head instructor of the club since that time.


Professor Richard Bunch

Richard Bunch - 9th Dan – Hanshi, President of Jujitsu America. HIs reputation is as a skillful martial artist and scholar who is highly sought after internationally. He is a Black Belt “Hall of Famer” producing a large number of National and International Champions, including the US Gold Medal Winning Team at the World Games.  He was fortunate to have studied with numerous Danzan Ryu elders. This experience and technical knowledge has provided a broad perspective of different interpretations of the arts. His martial arts career began in 1960 in San Jose, Ca. at Pacific Judo Jujitsu club under Professors Sig Kufferath, Bill Montero.  Simultaneously he trained with Ray Law and Glenn Castileo, as well as Prof. Wally Jay. Richard Bunch was Professor Kufferath's Associate and later Chief Instructor since 1970. In 2017 he was inducted by “The World Jujitsu Grandmasters Hall of Fame” as Great Grandmaster of the Year.  


Carla Bunch - Pix TBA

Carla Bunch

Carla Bunch 6th Dan, Kyoshi is National Secretary of Jujitsu America and 2017 Gold Medalist for the WCJJO Sport Jujitsu World Games.  She is highly regarded for her sound technical knowledge, physical prowess and her academic scholarship. She is a Black Belt “Hall of Famer” and recipient of Jujitsu America’s “Instructor of the Year” award. Her formal Danzan Ryu training started in the 1980’s under the tutelage of both Professors Sig Kufferath and Richard Bunch. Her home dojo is based in San Jose, Ca. at Nikko Jujitsu School.


Brad Burgo

Brad started his Judo & Jujitsu training in 1959 under Prof. Wally Jay and his Father Prof. Walter Burgo. Brad is Prof. Jay’s longest active student today.  A  6th degree in Kodokan Judo, 6th degree in Jujitsu America, and 7th degree in Small Circle Jujitsu.  Brad is one of Prof. Jay’s National Champions, and was an alternate on the 1976 U.S. Olympic Judo team. Brad specializes teaching everything Prof. Jay never taught during his seminar travel. Jay’s Judo is the key to his Small Circle Principles. Brad is currently one of Jay’s 4 active original student’s along with, teammate Greats, David Quinonez, Denise Gonzales, and Steve Siroy.


Professor Willy Cahill

Willy Cahill holds 9th Dan in Judo and 10th Dan in Kodenkan JuJitsu.

He is a Black belt Hall of famer, former Olympic Judo coach, and a co-founder of Ju Jitsu America. 

Prof. Cahill started Kodenkan Danzan Ryu in 1941 under Bill Ah Moo (Ah Moo Sensei was a children’s Ju Jitsu teacher in Hawaii).  

Coach Cahill trained with his father John Cahill until his passing in 1962, along with Prof Wally Jay.

Willy Is regarded as an Icon in both the Judo and JuJitsu community. 

Mel Canisbog

I Began taking Judo 1974 under Sensei Turbeville and Sensei o Limbago at Waianae Intermediate.

Black Belt June 1977

Waianae High School Judo team
14 Years of Active Duty service US Air Force
While in the Service trained in Judo in Okinawa, Japan and entered many Kumite Tournaments to physically see how other Martial Artists used their techniques.
Taught overseas and in various states while stationed there.
Upon returning to Hawaii in 1992, reopened the Waianae Jujitsu Dojo with Francisco Limbago. Shortly after took over the Dojo as Chief Instructor.
Waianae Jujitsu Dojo Chief Instructor for 25 years

Served as AJI Treasurer in 1996. Received my 5th Degree and Associate Professor in the American Jujitsu Institute

Currently holding 9th Degree in the American Jujitsu Institute.

Dale Casale

Dale Casale has studied Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in Sparks, NV under Herb LaGue since 1985. Zenyo Bujutsu has a Tibetan flavor that fits naturally with Danzan Ryu. We continue to teach jujitsu in Sparks NV, the oldest school in the Reno, Sparks area.

Lineage: Prof. Okazaki -> Prof Bud Estes & James LaGue -> Herb LaGue


Graciela Casillas

Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee, has earned international acclaim as one of the world’s top martial artist. Casillas’s 42 years as student, instructor, and professional competitor has given her an eclectic approach to the martial arts which she shares with students.

The first athlete to simultaneously hold world titles in the two different sports of boxing and kickboxing, Casillas also became a world champion in Filipino Stick Fighting. She was the first and only woman to be certified to the advanced instructors level in Serrada Escrima, under the late Grand Master Angel Cabales. 


Dave Castoldi

Professor Castoldi has over 50 years experience in a wide range of styles including, jujitsu, judo, kung fu, professional wrestling, and bare knuckles street fighting. He holds a 7th degree in jujitsu, a 1st degree in Karate, and a 3rd degree in judo. His instructors include Albert J. Castoldi, John Hogan, Master Win Chil Wu,O Sensei Phil Porter and Professor Wally Jay. He teaches at his club in Arlington, Ma. www.castoldijujitsu.com

Kevin Colton 

Kevin Colton has been studying Danzan Ryu Jujitsu for over 50 years. He began his training at ten, with the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation, under Sensei Joe Burlin at the Pacific Palisades YMCA. He studied with Professor Bill Randle at the Westside YMCA, received his Shodan from Professor Marcinkus in l976,  Kevin started teaching for the Santa Monica Parks and Recreation Center at the age of 15 and assisted in instruction until accepting the position of Head Sensei of Granada Hills Jujitsu Kai form Sensei Eric Pietrelli. Kevin opened his current dojo, Santa Clarita Valley School of Jujitsu, in l993. He has promoted 43 students to Shodan. In 1993, Kevin returned to the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation with Professor Tom Ball as his sensei. Kevin currently holds the rank of Rokudan. 



Kevin Dalrymple

9th Degree Black Belt Danzan Ryu since 1970. Attended Golden West College studied jujitsu under Prof. Mike Chubb. 1989, started judo/jujitsu program @ Orange YMCA. Continues teaching judo/jujitsu @ SW Senior Center Santa Ana & Yorba Linda YMCA. Gold Medal recipient in the Yodan/Godan Division. 1992 AAU National Jujitsu Kata Championship, 1st place finish. 1995, 1997 Ohana National Jujitsu Competitions. 1997 Instructor of the Year Award - American Jujitsu Institute, 2000 Volunteer of the Year Award Orange YMCA, Board of Directors of Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai in 2005. Received Distinguished Service Award - American Jujitsu Institute as Ohana 2010 Host. 2013 appointed Regional Adviser - America Jujitsu Institute. 2014 received Samuel S. Luke Service Award


Bios/Photo - tba

Tim Delgram

Professor Tim Delgman is a 10th degree black belt of Zen Budo Kai Aiki Jujitsu. Tim is a native of San Francisco and has been teaching and training in the martial arts for over 50 years. He received the bulk of his Jujitsu  training from Master Professor Duke Moore, founder of Zen Budo Kai.

Tim, has also, received a black belt in karate from Professor John Pereira  and a black belt in Judo from Dr. Neil Laughlin.

In 1996, Master Professor Moore announced that Tim would be his successor of the Zen Budo Kai Aiki Jujitsu system. Professor Delgman became Soke ( Head Master) in 2003 upon Master Professor Moore’s passing.


Dayn DeRose

Dayn started Judo with Mamoru Shimamoto in 1964 and Karate with Teruhiko Uto in 1972. He began Fencing in 1971 when a physical condition temporarily prevented him from taking the impact from other combat sports. He did keep at it, learning all 3 weapons, never suspecting that he would become a successful High School Coach in 1986 and successful NCAA Varsity College coach in 1995. He began Jujitsu with Alexander Vongries, a Nisei Ryu Black belt member of the Bronx based KyuDan Ryu Federation. His participation in Sambo when his Sambo mentor Alex Kheyfets came to the dojo from the USSR. Dayn fought in Judo Promotional tournaments gaining rank that way and Sambo tournaments, eventually winning 2 Pan-American medals. He continued Jujitsu practice the whole while (eventually reaching 7th Dan). He was graded  as Karate Rokudan by Masayuki Hisataka after knockdown victories and having served as Head of Delegation to the  Koshiki Karatedo World Championships in 1995. He also involved his dojo in USAKF- NJ, then USA-NKF-NJ. He is now graded to 8th dan in Karate-Kempo by the Shobukai Zendo, granted by the late Sadaharu Fujimoto and recognized at that rank by the Global Korean Martial Arts Federation. He is an inductee to the USA Karate Hall of Fame as of March 25th, 2022. Dayn is still grateful for being included in Jujitsu America. He has coached successful international level competitors in Koshiki Karate, Sambo and Collegiate Fencing, for which he was the Drew University Varsity Head Coach, from 1995 to 2015. Since 2014 He has been on the USA Sambo international Staff, as a Referee and Coach, to the World Championships each year. He has also been part of the US delegations to the JJIF Pan-American Championships (Cartagena, Columbia) and World Jujutsu Championships (Malmo, Sweden). 


Milind Dhond MD, FACC

Born in London, UK in 1967, Mil began his martial arts training in 1985 in Shorinji Kempo. He began studying DZR Jujitsu in 1996. He is a Professor of Jujitsu in the Bushidokan Federation and Sensei of Green Valley Kodenkan in Cordelia, CA for the past ten years.

His interest is in the esoteric aspects of martial arts and the concept of ‘perfection of character’. He is also a practicing cardiologist in northern California and a Professor of Medicine at UC Davis.

 Apart from numerous scientific/medical publications he has recently published ‘Journey to Zero’, an interpretation of an ancient yogic text (Vijnana Bhairava) that describes meditative techniques that can be used in daily life.

Ken Eddy

Began the study of martial arts in 1964. In 1974 he began the study of Danzan Ryu Jujutsu. In 1985 he opened Mizu Shin Tao Dojo. In 1990 Prof. Eddy joined the AJI under the guidance and instruction of Prof. Francisco Limbago and was given the rank of Shichidan and the title of Professor in 2001. Prof. Eddy received his Hachidan in 2006 and Kudan in 2012. He earned a BSc Degree in Allied Health Science and received a OMDS from the Institute of Oriental Medicine. In 1985 he opened the Martial Arts School Mizu Shin Tao and a Traditional Japanese Medical Clinic, (The Institute of Oriental Therapeutic Science). He teaches Oriental Medicine at the University of Nevada and Truckee Meadows Community College as well as teaching classes in Nihon Kaifuku Anma, (Japanese Restoration Massage) and Advanced Seifukujutsu.


 Franko Ferris

Francis (Franko) Ferris, Rokudan is the founder of High Sierra Jujitsu and currently Sensei of the Koa Kan in Milford, CA. There, he also operates a sanctuary for wildlife and a refuge for martial artists, troubadours and mystics.

Frank began his Martial Art Training at the Bushidokan in Sparks, NV with legendary Prof Herb LaGue in 1986.

He is a relentless practitioner of DZR, but cross-trains with friends throughout the world. He follows the traditions of Professor Okazaki, but incorporates a freestyle and unique approach to his teachings. A healer and certified therapist, he is a student of massage and Seifukujitsu. Frank studies philosophy and the arts and is the original “Wandering Uke”. He maintains an open door/heart policy at the Koa Kan in NE California.

Carlos Gallegos

Professor Carlos Gallegos studied Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, and Makko Ho with Uncle Dave Nuuhiwa until his passing in 2005. I have been promoted to Hachidan by the AJI and SRY, and Kudan by the Kaito Gakko organization. 

Sheryl Hager

Professor Sheryl Hager, has been a student of Danzan Ryu for 56 years, beginning her training with her mother and father, Jim and Jane Dean, in May 1966 at the Redding Jujitsu Academy and was awarded her black belt at the age of 17. In 2022 Prof Hager was awarded the rank of 8th degree black belt and continues to teach seminars nationwide. Prof Hager has studied a wide range of other martial arts including Parker’s Kenpo, Tai Chi, and Shotokan Karate. She formed the Hale O Lima Kokua Martial Arts Center in Sacramento in 1984 and continues to instruct special classes in the Sacramento area. After moving back to Redding Ca. Prof. Hager became school head of the Redding JuJitsu academy Inc. in 1997.  She is a Certified Massage Therapist in the art of Seifukujitsu, (Japanese healing arts) has served as an assistant instructor for the AJJF Massage Program and is co administrator of internal relations for the American judo and JuJitsu federation and is also presently the secretary of the board of professors for the American Judo and JuJitsu Federation. 

Prof. Hager has taught empowering seminars in women's awareness & Defense through Kaiser Permanente and W.E.A.V.E. in the Sacramento and Redding area.

Rowdy Hall

Kaicho Rowdy Hall has been a student of the Martial Arts since 1964. On September 16th, 2012, he was given the honor as Technical Adviser by Senior Professor James Muro for the Chow-Hoon System. On November 13th, 2010, he was awarded the title of Professor, by the Kilohana Martial Arts Association. On July 30th, 2005, Kaicho was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. On January 1st, 2000, Kaicho Rowdy Hall Founded Shikon-Ryu Aikibudo. Kaicho is also the Co-Founder of Koshiden-Ryu Jujutsu.  Since 2009, Professor Hall is actively on the Executive & Standard Boards with the Kilohana Martial Arts Educational & Cultural Association. He is currently the Treasurer of Kilohana and former President and Vice President of Kilohana Martial Arts Educational & Cultural Association.  Kaicho is currently an active member of Jujutsu America.

Bob Hodge 

6th degree Black Belt in Small Circle Jujitsu
3rd degree Black Belt and Instructor in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
7th level Black Belt and Instructor in Presas Family Modern Arnis
Senior Massage Instructor with Jujitsu  America
Sport Fencing Instructor
Martial Arts/Sports practice since 1965

Harold Horiuchi

Born June 13, 1933

1944 Deshi OKAZAKI KODENKAN Seishiro Okazaki, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

Deshi, Ikkyu OKAZAKI KODENKAN Seishiro Okazaki, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

Deshi, Shodan OKAZAKI KODENKAN Seishiro Okazaki, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii'

Instructor OKAZAKl KODENKAN Seishiro Okazaki, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

1949 1953 1953-57 1957-59 1960 1962 Instructor HOKKAIDO JUDO KODOKAN Hokkaido, Japan

Chief Instructor JUDO KODOKAN of COMPTON COLLEGE Los Angeles, California


Physical Trainer/Rehabilitation Therapy DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS, COMPTON COLLEGE Los Angeles, California 1963 1974-present Kanchou HORIUCHI KODENKAN Honolulu, Hawaii

Scott Horiuchi


Born May 11 , 1968

1974 Deshi HORIUCHI KODENKAN Harold Akira Horiuchi, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

1983 Deshi, Ikkyu HORIUCHI KODENKAN Harold Akira Horiuchi, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

1987 Deshi, Shodan HORIUCHI KODENKAN Harold Akira Horiuchi, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

1988 Instructor HORIUCHI KODENKAN Harold Akira Horiuchi, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii

2008 Chief Instructor HORIUCHI KODENKAN Harold Akira Horiuchi, Kanchou Honolulu, Hawaii 

Hans Ingebretsen

Hans Ingebretsen has been practicing martial art since 1974.  He began his study of Jujitsu and Judo with Sensei Ben Patterson in Eureka, California and later with Sensei Dale Kahoun.  He began training in other styles, including Kenpo.  In San Jose, Hans trained at Pacific Judo Academy with Professor Bill Montero and Sensei Brian Fitzgerald and competed with the San Jose State judo team. He spent 20 years training with Shihan Russ Rhodes and Professor Sig Kufferath at the Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts. He has studied Inayan Eskrima with Mike Inay and his son and lua under “Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu. He learned the most by being uke for Prof. Kufferath, Shihan Rhodes and Prof. Kahoun for many years.

Gary Jones

Professor Gary D. Jones, Kudan

1966: Began formal training under Professor W.R. Beach.

Professor Jones trained in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate, Vietnamese Boxing, and Chinese Boxing and in Japanese Shotokan Karate under Grand Master Austin Box.

On the death of Professor W. R. Beach, Professor Jones became a direct student of the older brother, Professor Bill Beach, and was invited to and became a member of Professor Bill Beach’s Hawaiian Jujitsu System Board of Directors.

​On Professor Bill Beach’s retirement, Professor Jones reactivated the organization and being the last surviving active student.  He maintains an active dojo and organization.

 In addition, Professor Jones was invited to become a member of the American Jujitsu Institute by Professor Sam Luke Jr.  Professor Jones is a Southeastern Advisor for the organization. 

Bruce Juchnik

Bruce Juchnik is the 22nd inheritor of Kosho Ryu Kempo from James M. Mitose.  He currently serves as Director of the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International and is the President of the Martial Arts Collective Society, a diverse group of leaders in the martial arts world.  

Stan Kendrick

Professor Stan Kendrick is the founder and head instructor of Triune Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro. He is an esteemed 3rd degree Black Belt and is also a fully certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for correctional officers and Police officers. Stan has won several prestigious International Jiu-Jitsu tournaments including The Brazilian Masters Internationals, Pan-American Champions, US Open, and the American Internationals. More importantly, he has also trained many of his students to a championship level. His students have won the Pan Americans, the US Nationals, US Open and the California championships.

Herb LaGue

Herb LaGue holds the rank of Judan and the title of Shodai. Prof LaGue founded the Dan Zan Zenyo Bujutsu in June 2004. He is the head of the Bushidokan Federation Corporation Sole. Prof has logged many miles in support of martial arts and conflict resolution for many years by visiting and teaching at dojos and attending peace rallies in many countries around the world. His father, James Burton LaGue started him off in boxing in 1950 and later taught him a Tibetan Style of Martial Art that Herb's father called Jujitsu. Over the years, he studied Judo under Mack McIntosh, Aikido under Bill Cox as well as Savate and Ballet. (The later art he credits for developing excellent footwork skills), Prof LaGue is also a master of ancient restorative healing arts.


Bios/Photo - tba

Mike Larsen

Eric Lee

Eric Lee was born in China and moved to the United States in the 1960's Master Lee trained in Northern and Southern Shaotin Kung Fu. Eric Lee is regarded as the king of Kata, winning more national and international awards than any other martial artist in the United States. Aside from being an undefeated champion, Eric Lee is also a movie star who has appeared in dozens of movies and tv shows and has received 3 Golden fist Awards. Eric Lee is also a Black Belt Hall of Famer to name a few of his many accomplishments. Eric Lee is an avid supporter of JuJitsu America.

Kai Li

Aloha e Mālama Pono 

Kai Li is a lifelong student of the martial and healing arts. He grew up in Hawai’i training in traditional and mixed martial arts as well as competing in several combat sports including boxing and wrestling.

Li studied Hawaiian Lua warrior and healing arts and was fortunate to be part of Bishop Museum’s Native Hawaiian Culture & Arts Program’s very first graduating class. 

From these Hawaiian roots he lived, trained, competed, and traveled all over in an effort to study various martial arts and combat sciences within the context of their original geographical and cultural environment.

The kind hospitality and sharing of fighters, coaches, and friends around the world offered opportunities to discover and grow through experience. Every place and every system have shared principles and concepts and yet they also have distinct individual lessons to offer that are uniquely their own.

Li is grateful to the teachers, classmates, teammates, opponents, students and friends who have helped him to learn and grow, and for the opportunity to share some of that experience with you and our Ohana.

Mahalo Nui Loa Iā ‘Oe


Darlynson Lira

Sensei Darlynson Lira is 6th Degree Black Belt from Fortaleza, Brazil with 40 years dedicated to Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts. He is the older son of the Master Darcio Lira Red Belt 10th Degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Under the Takeo Yano lineage.
Sensei Lira is the head instructor and owner of the Darcio Lira Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts School in Livermore, California USA and the supervisor of the Darcio Lira affiliated schools in the US. The Lira family has affiliated schools in Brazil and USA. Currently locations in United States are: Livermore, Hayward and Tracy in California and Washington DC and Fredericksburg VA.
Sensei Darlynson has international experience and he is a world class BJJ/MMA instructor. His students fight and compete in all levels of tournaments as Jiu Jitsu World League, US Open, American Cup, NAGA, Mundials, Panamerican BJJ, Jiu Jitsu World League, CAMO, Strike Force, Bellator, Invicta, UFC and other events. 
Specialist on the ground game with and without GI, Sensei Lira is also skilled in takedowns, Self Defense (Law Enforcement techniques), and MMA training.
Sensei Lira also has international experience doing Jiu Jitsu seminars in many countries as such as United States, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil and more.
You can check sensei Lira out on YouTube (Darlynson Lira). Instagram - DarlynsonLira. Facebook - Sensei Darlynson Lira 

Dan Lovas

When I was young there where a lot of Bruce Lee movies on TV, they spoke to my soul in a way that nothing else had.  I knew I wanted to do Martial Arts. In my area it was being taught at our local boys and girls club.  They taught Judo and Kung Fu so in 1972 and I signed up for both to see which one I liked the most.  I liked both so much I continued training.  In 1985 I was at 24hr fitness practicing my forms and a man ask me if I would like to spar so we did after 13 years of training I thought this would be easy, well it didn’t go that well for me! This was my first introduction to Tae Kwon Do.  The man’s name is Joe Tucker, he broke his foot on my head.  I became friends with him and he introduced me to the instructor that I still train with today 33 years later, Chief Master.   I earned my first Dan in 1988 and I’ve never stop training.  Through Tkd I fell in love with competition, I couldn’t wait for the next tournament. Tae Kwon Do has become my way of life and I thank God for this every day!!

4x Instructor of the year, Ju Juitsu 3rd degree Black Belt, Kung Fu Black Belt, Silat Black Belt, Escrima graduate, Tai Chi certified instructor, Criminal counter measures certified instructor, Kubaton certified instructor, PPCT certified instructor, Bladed weapons certified instructor


Bob Maschmeier

Senior Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier is one of the top Kajukenbo masters in the world and he has been involved with Jujitsu America for many, many years (and he is a life member). 

He has come to teach at our events for free, helped in other ways at our functions and has been a great friend to many of our founders, professors, instructors and students. He has travelled around the world teaching martial arts for about 50 years. 

Trained in the variety of martial arts: Kajukenbo - Sil Lum Fut Ga Kung Fu - Judo - Kyudo (Japanese Archery) - Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu - Seifukujitsu Restoration Therapy - Small Circle Jujitsu - Variety of Weapons - Pain Compliance

Tony Maynard

Professor Tony Maynard is the Southern Regional Director of both Jujitsu America and the American Ju-Jitsu Association. He is a Technical Director and Past President of the U.S. Sport Ju-Jitsu Association and the founder of the American Combat Ju-Jitsu System. He is a Technical Advisor of the Small Circle Jujitsu(tm) International. 

A former Marine, Professor Maynard holds a 7th Dan Jujitsu (AJA), 6th Dan Jujitsu (JA), 4th Dan Isshin-Ryu Karate, 2nd Dan Chito-Ryu Karate and an Ikkyu in Judo. He is certified by the Department of the Navy as a Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor. 

Professor Maynard's awards include induction into Jujitsu America's Hall of Fame, the World Martial 
Arts Hall of Fame and Instructor of the Year from both JA and AJA. He has also produced two videos: 
"American Combat Jiu-Jitsu (Hand-to-Hand Combat)" and "You Don't Have to be a Victim". 



Charlie Mosqueda

Charlie Mosqueda started training in Monterey California in 1972 under the late Professor John Chow-Hoon.  During the same time period Charlie Mosqueda's  brother-in-law Prof. James Muro was also a senior student of Prof. Chow-Hoon.  In the 1980’s Charlie moved to San Jose, California.  It was there that he started training at Nikko JuJitsu School, in Mountain View, California under Professor Sig Kufferath and Professor Richard Bunch.  

 Charlie Mosqueda is currently a 6th Degree Black Belt in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu and is actively involved with his training and teaching of JuJitsu at Nikko Ju Jitsu School in San Jose, California.

James Muro

 I started my martial art career in 1958 or so, first love was Judo, through the years trained in various martial arts, including danzan ryu, -10th dan, kenpo jitsu -10th dan, Hawaiian Lua 10th degree, several styles of Eskrima master’s degree from grand master Gilbert Tenio, Serrada -under Prof. Juan Eliab. My Main Instructor, was Prof. John Chow-Hoon, I was an Original Member of Jujitsu American and one of the original signer’s of the incorporation paperwork. Past president of AJI Northern region, and have similar post with other martial art organization, have taught seminars throughout the US and Europe where I have many students. I also held the first Sports Jujitsu tournament in the US.

Ron Ogi

Sibok Ronald K. Ogi - Pearl City, Hawaii

Sibok Ronald Ogi is the Senior Instructor and inheritor of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu; and a 6th degree black belt, and one of the four Soke Dai (Inheritors) in Small Circle Jujitsu™

Ronald had the privilege to start his martial arts training under James W. DeMile, founder of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu in 1974 and his jujitsu training under Professor Wally Jay, founder of Small Circle Jujitsu™ in 1986.

Ron serves as a Board Member for Wing Chun Do International, Small Circle Jujitsu ™ International and Tao of Wing Chun Do. He runs a production company called Ogi Productions, which produces martial arts training videos and promotes martial arts seminars and events in Hawaii. Ogi Productions has produced Ernie Franco's Defensive Edge Volumes I & II, Professor Wally Jay's Small Circle Jujitsu ™M Grappling Techniques, Small Circle Connection. Jujitsu America's 14th Annual Hawaiian

Small Circle Jujitsu's Effective Finger Locking Techniques & Tendon Triceps Armbars and Armlocks, Bruce Lee's 1 & 3 Inch Power Punch and Small Circle Jujitsu International's Hawaiian Convention Tape #1-#3 videos.

He has been active teaching seminars throughout the United States and teaches martial arts privately in Hawaii. Ronald was awarded the Professor John Chow-Hoon "Spirit of Kodenkan

Award" in 1992 and Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1994 from Jujitsu America.

Janice Okamoto

Professor Janice Okamoto is a senior student of the late Professor Wally Jay and holds the rank of Hachidan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Shichidan in Small Circle Jujitsu, and Nidan in Kodokan Judo. She received her Seifukujitsu (Japanese restoration therapy) training and certification in 1988 and is a Certified Massage Therapist. She received the Master of Massage certificate from Jujitsu America. Professor Okamoto is the chief instructor at the Alameda Judo/Jujitsu Club and Alameda Small Circle Jujitsu in Alameda, CA. and serves as the executive director of the Alameda H S Jujitsu Alumni, Inc. Professor Okamoto along with Kyoshi Zosia Gorbaty founded the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors (AWMAI Hall of Fame in 2012.


Bios/Photo - TBA

Chris Peterson

Sensei Chris Peterson is Student of Professor Wally Jay and Coach Willy Cahill. He started his Martial Arts Training at San Francisco Judo Institute in the Early 70's and then trained with Master Merrill Jung before training with Professor Wally Jay and Coach Willy Cahill. 

He is ranked in Kodenkan Jujitsu (Danzan Ryu), Judo, Small Circle Jujitsu(tm), and Hapkido (Yongmudo). He assisted and helped with Martial Arts Instructional Videos with Professor Wally Jay, Coach Willy Cahill, and Sensei Ed Melaugh. 

He is Life Member of USJA and Jujitsu America. Member of USA JUDO and Kilohana Martial Arts Association.

Richard Pietrelli

After instructing martial arts in the Los Angeles area for 12 years, the owner and head instructor, Mr. Richard Pietrelli, founded the Fusuikan Martial Arts Center of Eureka in 1983, 35 years ago.

​Sensei Pietrelli has trained in Martial Arts for over 40 years and during that time has trained at many different dojos in North America, Japan, and China. Specializing in Japanese martial Arts, he holds the Menkyo Kaiden Level 10th Degree black belt) in Kashima Shin Ryu & in August 2009 was promoted to Hachidan (8th Degree black belt) in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and given the title of Professor. He is one of the five founding members of the Kashima Shin Ryu Federation of Martial Sciences-North America, and official branch of the World Kashima Shima Ryu Federation of Martial Sciences based in Japan. In August 2002 he was awarded the prestigious Kufferath Award by the Kilohana Martial Arts Association. He also teaches several other forms of armed and unarmed Martial Arts as well, one in particular is the Inayan System of Eskrima.

All of the instructors at the Fusuikan Martial Arts Center started as students with Sensei Pietrelli and earned their ranks with this school. Each one has undergone extensive training to maintain the high standards that this school is known for.


Russ Rhodes

Shihanke Rhodes is the founder and chief instructor of the Shinkodenkai Martial Arts Association. The Shinkodenkai Association is a progressive and forward looking family of martial arts schools which operate under the guidance and direction of Shihanke Rhodes. Shihanke Rhodes is the chief instructor at the Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts in Los Gatos, California and is responsible for directing all training activities at the school and the Shinkodenkai association.


Len Riley 

Professor Len Riley currently holds the rank of ”Judan” 10th Degree Black Belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Professor Mike Chubb, founder of Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai which was awarded in September 4th of 2016. He has over 50 years of martial arts experience.

While he was an active competitor, Len Riley was a 9-time National Champion and a 7-time Gold Medalist in Jujitsu Kata and Judo. He was the founder and head of West Coast Jujitsu in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, a commercial school he and his group operated for 5 years.

Professor Len Riley started his martial arts training in Shotokan Karate with his uncle who had lived and trained in Japan for 12 years. This training began in 1960 at the tender age of 8 years old. Professor Riley also trained with Sensei Fumio Demura in Santa Ana, CA. He also taught at The Black Belt Karate Dojo in the 80s which was one of the Chuck Norris studios run by Brad Campbell who was Chuck Norris’s cousin.

Professor Riley started his Danzan Ryu Jujitsu training with Professor Chubb in the mid-70s at Golden West College while still on Active duty with the U.S. Navy. He began actively teaching Danzan Ryu at the Downey Family YMCA in 1979.

He is an active member of the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai, and affiliated with the American Jujitsu Institute of Hawaii, The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF) and Jujitsu America and served as President of the Southern California chapter of The American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts Chapter for three terms and was elected as National President of the American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts (ATAMA) for an additional three years.

Professor Riley moved to the Seattle area in July of 2015 and is now actively teaching at the North West Martial Arts Dojo in Woodinville, WA.


Richard Robinson

I started Jujitsu training at age 6, in 1960 at the Ardmore YMCA, I was promoted to a junior black belt at age 12.  I continued with training and wrestling team until 15.

I left home and went to California where I trained at any school that would have me for chores and such through High School.  I trained for 6 years with James Wing Wu in Hung Gar Kung Fu and for 2 years in Tia Chi concurrently.

During that period I also spent some time at Ed Parker's in West LA. I trained and co-taught with Frank Dux in Koga Yamabushi Nin Jitsu for 8 years in North Hollywood.  During that time I also taught at the Pacoima Boy's Club.

I returned to the Philadelphia area in 1984 and began my own school in Plymouth Meeting, through Whitemarsh Recreation, in September of 1985 where I still teach today.

My primary art is Koga Yamabushi Nein Jitsu which is an eclectic art based on Jujitsu, kick boxing and the traditional kabudo weapons.  My rank in Koga Yamabushi Ryu is Godan.  I have a Sandan through JA, and a Shodan in Shotokan as well as Tae Kwon Do.

In 1991 I went to a seminar of Prof. Remy Presas' Modern Arnis and I have studied that art since.  In 1992 I was introduced to Prof. Wally Jay by Prof. Presas, and I have been an avid follower of Prof. Jay ever since.

All in all, I guess this makes me a Martial Arts mutt!

Tom Ryan 

Professor Tom Ryan, Kudan, began his martial arts career in the early 1960’s in American boxing and wrestling.  In the 70’s while in the U.S. Army, he studied Tae Kwon Do and Kodokan Judo.  He began his DZR training in 1982.  He augmented his training by studying Kyusho Jitsu, Improvised Combat Systems, Kuntao Silat de Thouars, Shinto-Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu, and Garimot Arnis. He has received many titles over the years: Renshi (1993) from Professor Kufferath, Certified Menkyo Senior Master Instructor Diploma and title of Professor (2001) from Professor Ramon “Lono” Ancho Jr., title of Shihan (2003) from Professor Tony Janovich, title of Professor with the AJJF in 2005, Westside YMCA Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu Dojo awarded him the title of Rokudan and Professor (2005).  He is currently the Vice-President of the AJJF. He has held multiple offices over the years with the AJJF as well as other martial and healing organizations.  In 2010, Professor Ryan was able to get the AJJF recognized as an “A” level organization with USA Judo (the National Governing Body (NGB) for Judo in the United States).  He is a full instructor and Standard Committee Member with the Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute of the AJJF.  He is a nationally recognized Certified Instructor and peer review committee member with the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA).  He is a founding member of the American Traditional Jujutsu Association (ATJA) serving as the Financial Officer and on their BOD.  He owns and operates Palmetto Jujitsu Academy (PJA) in Lexington, SC since 1995.

Daniel Saragosa

President – American Jujitsu Institute


Chief Instructor – Wahiawa Kodenkan

Prof. Saragosa was born in Hilo, Hawaii on June 21st, 1950.

He was educated at both Leeward Community College and Chaminade University. He studied boxing and was a Cass "A" Boxer for several years as a youth. He boxed in many televised matches as an amateur. He began studying Kenpo Karate in 1962 under Prof. Ernest E. Rodrigues, a former vice-president of the Karate Division of the AJI. He later included Judo and Jujitsu in his training. He has been a member of the AJI since the mid-1960s.

He studied judo under Ray Kawano while a member of the Honolulu Police Department. In 1971, he was the top Judo player in the department’s recruit judo class. On December 30th,1998 following a successful career, Professor Saragosa retired as a lieutenant with 28 years of service.

Saragosa received his Kodenkan Jujitsu training under Prof. Francisco Limbago, former President of the AJI. He also studied under Professors Samuel S. Luke, Samuel C. Luke, Jack Wheat, Antone Gonzales and Aikido under Professor Kiyoto Kohashi’. He is trained under the standards taught by his teachers and was also certified in Okazaki Restorative Massage by Professor Jack Wheat.

Saragosa is currently holds the rank of Judan and is the chief instructor at the Wahiawa Kodenkan, at one time, the AJI’s largest school for 12 consecutive years. He instructs in Kodenkan Jujitsu, Koshoryu Kenpo, Okazaki Restorative Massage and Hawaiian Style Grappling. The Wahiawa Kodenkan has been running consecutively for 32 years.


John Shipley

Began studying martial arts in 1972 in Goju-Ryu karate. Received the rank of Shodan in 1978. In 1986 began studying Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Professor Herb LaGue at the Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple in Sparks NV. While attending classes at the Bushidokan he also studied Shotokan karate, Tai-Chi and lai-Jutsu. On June 8th, 1994 he opened the Koshinkan Martial School in Fallon, NV. On June 21st, 2009 was promoted to Shichidan.


Mark Shuey

I started the martial arts when I got out of the Army in 1969, Tang Soo Do, Chuck Norris System, got my first black belt in 1975, Founded Cane Masters, and The American Cane Systems in 1995.

I was the first person to start a CROOKED CANE SYSTEM with Full Black Belt Ranking
I hold 6 World Titles and 8 Grand Championships. (Earned them in my 50's) I hold Black Belts in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Tangsodo, and Founded several Cane Systems 


Joe Souza

Joe Souza brings over 60 years of martial arts experience to this year’s Ohana.  He started his Jujitsu career with Professor John Cahill in 1957.  He studied Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Kodokan Judo, Kenpo Karate and Small Circle Jujitsu since he first met Professor Wally Jay in 1959.  He has developed the Kensujitsu system which brings the full understanding of balance from Judo, high pain compliance and joint manipulation and transitional flow from Jujitsu along with the principles and concepts of American Kenpo Karate to deliver maximum power and efficient use of energy.  Professor Souza is a member of Jujitsu America, past president and is current registration chairman, as well as chairman of the standards board.  Professor has a 9th Dan with Jujitsu America and was given his 10th Dan in Kensujitsu.  

Shane Thompson

As School Head and Instructional Director of the Rocklin Judo program Sensei Thompson brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Sensei Thompson started his training in 1983 and currently holds rank as a 5th Degree Black Belt (Godan) in Jujitsu. He also holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan) in Judo under the guidance and direction of former U.S. Olympic Judo Coach Willy "Clipper" Cahill. As a former competitor in many martial arts venues which include Karate, Kick Boxing (AAU), Boxing (AAU), Judo, Wrestling and Sport Jujitsu competitions Sensei Thompson has amassed his share of success receiving numerous regional gold medals and national podium finishes. He has also had tremendous success in leading others to great achievements at the National and International levels of competition.

Drawing from his experiences in Hawaiian Jujitsu, Sport Jujitsu, Kodokan Judo, Shorin Ryu Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, American Kickboxing, and Wrestling Sensei Thompson has the ability to offer a variety of technical applications for both self-defense and sport. He has also led programs such as Women's Self-Defense for the City of Roseville and has been a featured instructor at many large scale conventions and seminars throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. He is currently a Continental Certified USA Judo Coach and has experience coaching elite level Judo athletes at international venues. Some of his own students have qualified for spots on the U.S. National Judo Team. He holds rank with Jujitsu America, USA Judo, and the United States Judo Association. In 2013 Sensei Thompson was named Instructor of the Year by Jujitsu America where he served for many years as an instructor, board member and Sport Jujitsu Official.


Mark Tuthill 

Shihan Mark Tuthill has been training in the martial arts since 1977.  He is a 7th degree Black Belt in Small Circle Jujitsu under Professor Ed Melaugh, as well as a certified instructor under Professor Wally Jay in Small Circle Jujitsu International.  He is a 5th degree Black Belt with Jujitsu America and 2nd degree in Shin Yo Karate under Mike Teto. 

Shihan Tuthill is a two-time inductee into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He was awarded the title of “International Instructor of the Year “ by the American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame and "Instructor of the Year" by Jujitsu America. 

Shihan Tuthill was also recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador to Small Circle Jujitsu by Professor Wally Jay and was also Director at Large with Jujitsu America.

His style of martial arts is called "Street Combat Jujitsu“ which he founded in 2010 and incorporates Small Circle Jujitsu along with trapping, punching, kicking, throwing and weapon defense techniques.


Jon Ward 

Pangulong Guro Jon Ward is the founder and head instructor of the Inayan Martial Arts Association. Based in San Jose, CA Guro Ward teacher the Filipino Martial Art of Inayan Eskrima. The style founded by his teacher Mangisursuro Mike 'nay. Pangulong Guro Ward has taught around the world including Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

Laura Welch

 "I believe helping to empower women is part of my purpose in life"

Sensei Laura Welch was quoted by the San Francisco Examiner in a multi-page feature article highlighting her women's self defense class.


Sensei Welch has taught from kindergarteners to Secret Service Agents, sharing her love of martial arts, and in keeping with the spirit of martial arts she cross trains with other arts at every opportunity to enhance and hone her skills.

Sensei Laura Welch ranked as a Shichidan in Jujitsu and Sandan in Judo. She started her training in 1974 at Cahill's Judo Academy and started additional training in 1986 at Nikko Jujitsu.