There are many outstanding instructors affiliated with Jujitsu America.

This page will hopefully grow to include more JA Professors, Black Belt Life Members, School Heads, National Convention Instructors and other known JA personalities.

Prof. Carl Beaver (Founder)
Prof. Willy Cahill (Founder)
Prof. John Chow-Hoon (Founder)
Prof. Wally Jay (Founder)

Prof. Rudy Aguilar
Prof. Lawrence Boydston
Prof. Richard Bunch
Prof. Dave Castoldi
Prof. Joe DeBattista
Prof. Lee Eichelberger
Prof. David Jennings
Prof. Ron Jennings
Prof. Tony Maynard
Prof. Duwane McCraney
Prof. Janice Okamoto
Prof. Chris Peterson
Prof. Eric Renner
Prof. Joe Souza
Prof. Laura Welch

Todd Birdseye
Jack Carter
Dominic Cirincione
Gary Deaver
Tony DeBattista
Dave Fairfield
Robert Gale
Chris Hardy
Bob Hodge
Al Ikemoto
Sue Jennings
Terry Joven
Jason Katz
Linda Lang 
Mike Lynch

Tim Lynch
Sheldon Marr
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Ed Melaugh
Steve Menasche
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John Olshlager
Bob Parksion
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Rick Robinson
Leigh Rossi
Daniel Ruocco
Shane Thompson
Bill Troy


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Professor Carl Beaver - Founder


Carl P. Beaver came to Hawaii in 1939 and was first introduced to the Okazaki jujitsu system in 1940 by someone known only as "Corporal Wyatt." Although he learned only the basics of the system at that time, and World War Two caused a disruption of his training, it is clear that the young Mr. Beaver was hooked.

After his discharge in 1945, Beaver came back to Hawaii and began the study of Kodokan judo at the Nuuano YMCA under Sensei Yamamoto. After joining the Mano YMCA, he studied jujitsu under Sensei Dick McCarty, an Okazaki student, and obtained his Shodan, which was presented by Prof. Okazaki himself. Beaver continued with his jujitsu training under Prof. Okazaki and his senior student, Wally Jay, and gained further experience through Sensei Richard Takemoto.

In 1948, Beaver began an intensive study of massage under both Sensei McCarty and Prof. Okazaki in preparation for his Territorial massage license. He graduated from the Okazaki school of Restorative Massage in January, 1949 and, with his wife, Martha, obtained Territorial licenses.

It was during this time that Beaver lived with Professor Okazaki at the Professor's home. Some of Prof. Beaver's fondest memories and best "war stories" were from this time.

In 1950, Beaver moved to the Mainland and began teaching jujitsu at the Dayton Health Studio in Dayton, Ohio. In 1951, he moved to California and began teaching jujitsu in Gardena. 18 months later, he moved to Bellflower, California, teaching two classes a week for the next three decades. 

In 1961, Beaver received his Sandan from Sensei Wally Jay. In 1967, he received his Godan from Sensei Joe Holck, the American Jujitsu Institute's Regional Chairman at that time. In 1972, Beaver received his Rokudan and, thereafter, his Shichidan from the A.J.I. in 1976. In 1977, he was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt and to Ninth Degree Black Belt by Jujitsu America. After coming out of retirement in 1988, he assumed the position of Technical Director for Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai. In 1990, he was elevated to Judan by both Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai and the American Jujitsu Institute.

Professor Beaver's recognitions include commendations from the Governors of the State of Hawaii and State of Arizona, Orange County Board of Supervisors, California State Assembly, received a commendation from the Mohave County Board of Supervisors in 1988. He was inducted into the Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Hall of Fame in 1992, and received the Luciani Service Award in 1994. He was elevated to Godan in 1992 by the United States Judo Association. He was inducted into Jujitsu America's Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1979, and received Jujitsu America's Patriarch Award in 1996.

Professor Willy Cahill - Founder


Prof. Willy Cahill is one of the Founders, past President, and Technical Director of Jujitsu America. He serves for the US Judo Association's Jujitsu program on the Jujitsu Executive Committee and Standards Board. He holds 10th Dan in Jujitsu and 8th Dan in Judo. Besides running his own dojo, Cahill's Judo Academy, in San Bruno, CA, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2008, he coached the U.S. Olympic Judo Teams in 1984 and 1988, the World Team five times, the Pan American Team twice and the Goodwill Games twice. Since 1963, Cahill's Judo Academy has produced over 1000 national and international medal winners, and four Olympic and Paralympic coaches. Coach Cahill was the judo coach at both San Francisco State University and Stanford University. He was head coach of the Paralympic Judo Team that traveled to Sydney, Australia in November, 2000 and brought back the first Gold Medals ever won by the U.S. in Paralympic or Olympic judo competition. The team was ranked #1 in the world in 2000.

In 1997, Prof. Cahill started The World of Martial Arts Supplies, a company dealing with martial arts supplies as well as nutritional products, with the majority of his business online at his website. He has developed a set of 3 instructional videos that demonstrate Judo Training, as well as a 6-volume video set demonstrating the arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu. He has also designed a line of judo and jujitsu uniforms for Tiger Claw.

Prof. Cahill is honored to work closely with his student Eric Renner to present Sport Jujitsu Tournaments and events several times a year, culminating with the annual Jujitsu America Sport Jujitsu US National Championship Tournament. These tournaments and events are presented in longtime partnership with Tiger Claw.

Prof. Cahill has received numerous awards, including being named to Black Belt Magazine's Black Belt Hall of Fame as Judo Coach of the Year, JA's Instructor of the Year in 1979, inducted in 1981 to JA's Black Belt Hall of Fame, was the 1997 recipient of JA's Wally Jay Award, and recognized in 2006 with JA's Patriarch Award.

Professor John Chow-Hoon - Founder

Born March 5, 1927 in Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii, the youngest of 13 children born to Hoon Chow and his mother Lily Malualani Kiha.  Professor John (Ah Chin) Chow-Hoon got his first taste of the martial arts after his family moved to the island of Oahu, to a house on Queen St. in the town of Kakaako, close to a Japanese school.  This school offered judo and kendo to any student who was interested.

Every chance he got he would watch those classes and became more and more interested with the martial arts.  Finally, a friend and school mate asked him to join in.  Being small for his age, he was placed in the judo class.  His instructor at that time was Yukiso Yamamoto.  Eventually, they both heard about Prof . Henry S. Okazaki’s dojo, where they would train on Saturday mornings.  The rest of the time he was sent to train at the Kaheka dojo under the supervision of Bing Fai Lau and Sig Kufferath.

Along with regular classes, Prof. Chow-Hoon was sent to study long-life massage at Prof. Okazaki’s Nikko Sanitarium.  There were several people he admired that were skilled in long-life massage: people like John Cahill, Jerry Turatani, Moses Pang, Bill Costa, Boyd Andretti and others.

While studying Danzan Ryu Jujitsu at the Kaheka lane dojo, Prof. Chow-Hoon was also studying the art of Koshoryu Kenpo with his brothers William and Frank.  When his brother Prof. William (Kwai Sun) Chow graduated from James Mitose’ school of Kenpo Jujitsu, he opened his dojo at the Chow home.  When Prof. Chow-Hoon’s father left Hawaii to go back to China, Prof. Chow took everything out of the house and knocked down a couple of the walls, including a piano shop next door in order to transform their home into a regular dojo.  William would later open up schools on Young Street, at the Kapahulu Japanese school and latter on at the Nuuanu YMCA.

Prof. Chow-Hoon received his shodan in Kenpo in 1943 along with Prof. Simeon Eli and several others.  In attendance at his promotion were his friends Charlie (Prof. Toru Tanaka) Kalani and Arthur Lyman both of whom would later become famous in the entertainment business.

Many good students came out of the Kenpo school at the Nuuanu YMCA, Bill Chun, Manuel Dela Cruz, Paul Yamaguchi, Bobby Lowe, Harry Pang, Boyd Andretti, Woodrow Mckandless, the Emperado brothers Joe and Adriano (Adriano would latter on with others form an eclectic form of self-defense called Kajukenbo), Ed Parker (Parker would latter bring Kenpo Karate to the mainland) “brother” Abe Kamahoahoa, Ralph Castro and many others.

Prof. Chow-Hoon received his shodan from Prof. Okazaki in 1945, the day before he was inducted into the U.S. Army.   After entering the military in 1945, Prof. Chow-Hoon was assigned to camp Roberts, Calif. For basic training, from camp Roberts he was sent to the Philippine Islands.

While in the orient, the Prof. used to moon-light as a professional wrestler.  He ran across many of the top wrestlers of the day including the “Masked Marvel”, who was the father of Dave Castoldi, a well known martial artist from the Boston area.

Prof. Chow-Hoon returned to Hawaii and was assigned to the Military Police Division.  He was selected to become the instructor at the Military Police School for Self-Defense.  Besides the military police he also trained the police for the Hawaiian National Guard, several members of the Honolulu Police Dept. and also members of the F.B.I.   Next, Prof. Chow-Hoon spent a tour of duty in Korea where he worked out with Yudo (Judo) and Tang So Do clubs.

Once again Prof. Chow-Hoon returned home to Hawaii. While there he would train at the Kaheka Lane club, which was one of Prof. Okazaki’s many clubs teaching the Danzan Ryu system. Some of the individuals who came out of this club were people like John Kaneakua, Joe Holck, Sam and Bill Prestridge, Michael Chong and Sam Luke Sr.

During the middle of the 50′s, Prof. Chow-Hoon along with Prof. Francisco Limbago taught at Schofield barracks, Hawaii where he was selected as one of the Judo coaches representing Hawaii. This team took 1st place at all military games. His heavyweights were Prof. Toru Tanaka and Larry Price.  Price would later go on to become the football coach at the University of Hawaii.

During this period the military used to have an “All Army Show”, a kind of talent show.  Prof. Ramon Ancho was selected as the best of the show.  He would perform “Board Breaking” using multiple boards using his fingers.  During one of these shows Prof. Chow-Hoon and Prof. Limbago pulled a trick on Prof. Ancho.  Prior to his portion of the show, both the Prof’s wet a couple of the boards without telling Prof. Ancho.  He had to hit the boards more than a couple of times in order to break them.  He knew they had pulled a trick on him for they both had a great big smile on their face.

Prof. Chow-Hoon got stationed in Japan, where he was able to train at the Kodokan .  Out of respect he started out as a white belt, but by the time he left Japan in 1962 he was ranked as a sandan (3rd degree black belt).

At the end of 1962 Prof. Chow-Hoon was stationed at the Fort Ord in California as a drill sergeant.  This is when he first started to teach in the Monterey area.  He ran across another Okazaki student Prof. Toru Tanaka. Whenever Prof. Tanaka would leave to go off to wrestle, Prof. Chow-Hoon would help out and run the class.  And when he could not be there due to military obligations Cal Avila and Joe Takayama would stand in.

In 1964, Prof. Chow-Hoon was transferred to Alaska but still managed to work out and teach in anchorage.  In 1965 he was assigned to Viet Nam.  There he taught martial arts at the police station in Tien Nin.

Prof. Chow-Hoon retired from the military after over 20 years of service.  He decided to settle on the Monterey Peninsula in the city of Pacific Grove, after retiring from the Army. Prof. Chow-Hoon worked as a P.E. teacher at the Del Mar elementary school in Marina, California.  It was here that Prof. Chow-Hoon was approached by Mr. Art Clark to teach the martial arts in the community of Marina.  Prof. Chow-Hoon taught at three elementary schools until 1968 when the gym at Los Arboles School was built, and then he combined the three clubs into one big class.  Then in 1973, he started yet another club at the Pacific Grove High School, where he acted as Sensei and Advisor for his remaining years.

Back in 1978 Professor Chow-Hoon was one of the leaders instrumental in founding the organization of Jujitsu America for which he was very proud.  It was an organization such as his own life, one of Kokua and Ohana.  Everyone who walked the path of the martial arts with Professor experienced real joy of celebration and excitement in learning from this most gifted man.


Professor Wally Jay - Founder


Prof. Wally Jay, founder and grandmaster of Jujitsu America and Small Circle Jujitsu International, held a 10th Dan in Jujitsu and a 6th Dan in Judo. He traveled all over the world promoting Kodenkan Jujitsu and Small Circle Jujitsu. Prof. Jay was one of the first of Prof. Henry Okazaki's pupils to advocate cross training. He served as Technical Director of Jujitsu America for 30 years and was Technical Director Emeritus.

Prof. Jay held an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from the College of Martial Arts, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was a graduate of the Nikko Restoration Massage Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was listed in Who's Who in Martial Arts in 1977 and 1985. He was named by the Northern California Judo Black Belt Association as "Judo Coach of the Year" in 1960, was Black Belt Hall of Fame's "Man of the Year" in 1960 and their Jujitsu Instructor of the Year in 1969, and was named by Inside Kung Fu magazine as "One of the Most Influential Martial Artists of All Times."

He served as Team Captain of the U.S. Martial Arts Team that traveled to China in 1985, demonstrated at the First International Wu Shu Championships in Xian, China, and had the honor of demonstrating at the Dai Nippon Butokukai Festival on Emperor's Day in Kyoto, Japan. He appeared on CNN when he demonstrated in South Africa for the Bophuthatswana Government in 1992. Prof. Jay's judo players were one of the "winningest teams" in the late 1950s and early 1960s, which led to him being voted as Hokka Judo Yudanshakai Judo Coach of 1960. In 1960 his team captured the Mexican Judo Championships in Mexico City, and in 1963-64 the American Jujitsu Institute awarded him Outstanding Coach of the Year. He produced many medalists in national judo championships, such as Bradford Burgo and David Quinonez, who won national high school titles in 1968 and 1970 respectively. Prof. Jay authored two books, Small Circle Jujitsu and Dynamic Jujitsu, as well as five instructional videos. His dojo, Island Judo/Jujitsu Club, was located in Alameda, California.

Professor Rudy Aguilar


Professor Rudolph Aguilar (Rudy) is an 8th Dan in Kodenkan Jujitsu, 2nd Dan in Kodokan Judo and has been a student in Martial Arts since 1965. with Sensei Richard and Jane Travers with the Logan Judo Club, James Logan in Union City and the Mission Judo Club in Fremont, CA.  Served in the US Army from 1968 to 1971 and Served in Vietnam. after service became Head Instructor of the Mission Judo club with Jack Mendonca.  In 1973 the Mission Judo club joined up with Sensei Frank Sisk and Sensei Mike Gamberg. forming the Newark Judo Club.  He coached the Newark Judo team and in 1974 became Head Instructor of the Newark Judo Club.  In 1986 the Newark Judo Club changed its name to Newark Judo-Jujitsu Club and he has been head instructor of the club since that time.

League of Volunteer Newark

Community Instruction at L.O.V. Newark Facility from 1983 to 2006


Bee Real 

Children's Safety Program from 1989 to 1996


Sensei Todd Birdseye


Bio is forthcoming

Professor Richard Bunch


Prof. Richard Bunch's training in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu began in early childhood.  His first instructors were Prof. Bill Montero, Sensei Glen Castleo, and Prof. Ray Law.  Later, at the age of 14, he began training with Prof. Sig Kufferath.  Shortly afterward, in 1969, he received his Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) from Prof. Kufferath. In 1971, Prof. Kufferath honored Prof. Bunch by recognizing him as his associate instructor, and later as chief instructor of the school.  Over the course of 28 years, Prof. Bunch engaged in constant training and study with Prof. Kufferath at Nikko Jujitsu School.  Prof. Kufferath awarded Prof. Bunch with the rank of Shichidan (7th Degree Black Belt) in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.  Since then, Jujitsu America has promoted Prof. Bunch to the rank of Hachidan (8th Degree Black Belt).

Over the years, Prof. Bunch has been fortunate to study with numerous masters of various martial arts and highly respected elder practitioners of Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu who studied directly under Prof. Okazaki.  This has provided him with a broad perspective of various personal interpretations of this style. 

In addition, he has studied many other martial arts including the art of the Japanese sword, as well as other Japanese weaponry and armor.  Prof. Bunch's reputation as both an extremely skillful martial artist and a scholar makes him a highly sought after instructor nationally and internationally.  He actively teaches seminars on Jujitsu throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Prof. Bunch received the 1989 Instructor of the Year award from Jujitsu America.

Sensei Jack Carter, C.M.T.

Sensei Carter has been studying martial arts for over 43 years.  He currently holds ranks of Rukudan in Kodokan Judo, Godan in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and Shodan in Tae Kwon-Do.  He is a life member of the Pacific Coast Kilohana Association, Jujitsu America and U.S. Judo Association.  He is a member of the United States Sports Jujitsu Association, and on the team medical staff.  He is a certified massage therapist for the last 56 years, practicing Shiatsu, GiGong, and Seifukujitsu Restoration Therapy.  He is on the Jujitsu America and Pacific Coast Kilohana, Sports Medicine and Massage Committees and was the Examiner and Trainer on Remedial Acupressure for the Kwang Dur Kwan, Tae Kwon Do in 1990 & 1991.  He has conducted Shiatsu Massage, GiGong Massage Therapy and Seifukujitsu Restoration Therapy workshops and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Mexico, and New Zealand. 

Professor Dave Castoldi


Professor Castoldi has over 50 years experience in a wide range of styles including, jujitsu, judo, kung fu, professional wrestling, and bare knuckles street fighting. He holds a 7th degree in jujitsu, a 1st degree in Karate, and a 3rd degree in judo. His instructors include Albert J. Castoldi, John Hogan, Master Win Chil Wu,O Sensei Phil Porter and Professor Wally Jay. He teaches at his club in Arlington, Ma.

10th degree Grand Master of CASTOLDI'S STREET SELF DEFENSE
9th degree black belt Jujitsu America
7th degree black belt Small Circle Jujitsu

5th degree black belt Judo
Regional Director for Jujitsu America:
Northeast U.S., Florida and Gulf Coast

1964-Began training with father, Al Castoldi, 5th dan, the first American to bring Jujitsu to the New England area (circa 1945).
1974-Founded West Suburban YMCA Jujitsu School
1978-Formed Association with Professor Wally Jay 10th dan and founder of Small Circle Jujitsu, began study and instruction of Small Circle Theory, integrating its painful effectiveness into his own unique system of practical, no-nonsense street self-defense. 
1983-Jujitsu America-Instructor of The Year
1988-Jujitsu America-Black Belt Hall of Fame
1991-World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
1991-Jujitsu America-Outstanding Ambassador Award
1991-Zen Do Kai Hall Of Fame
1998-Inducted by Shihan Rocky DiRico into International Black Belt Hall Of Fame
1998-Reciepient of flag flown over the capitol in Honor of Jujitsu America
2002-Jujitsu America-Wally Jay Award
2004-Jujitsu America-Spirit of Kodenkan Memorial Award-In Memory of Professor John Chow Hoon
2005-Jujitsu America-Distinguished Service Presidential Award
2005-Inducted into the WWKO-World Wide Karate Organization Hall of Fame 
Professor Castoldi specializes in street weapon defense techniques and has produced two internationally marketed instructional videotapes. DEFENSE AGAINST KNIFE ATTACKS I+II. 
He has been invited as a guest instructor for 18 consecutive years to the ANNUAL 

Professor Castoldi is an instructor to numerous law enforcement and correctional officers
Including local and state police, FBI, U.S. Marshall, U.S. secret service and military police

Sensei Dominic Cirincione


Bio is forthcoming

Sensei Gary Deaver


Master Gary Deaver began his martial arts training in Kajukenbo Karate in 1985, under the instruction of Senior Grandmaster Joseph Halbuna.  He received his Black Belt in Kajukenbo under Professor Bob Maschmeier in 1990. Master Deaver continued training in Kajukenbo while pursuing other arts as well.  In 1991 began training in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under the instruction of Professor Willy Cahill.  He received his Shodan in 1994 and his Nidan in 1999.  Additionally, he is currently training in Sil Lum Fut Ga and Tai Chi.

Shortly after receiving his Black Belt, Master Deaver founded Coast Karate Studio East Bay, which he teaches along with the help of his son, Jared Deaver.  In addition to his activities at the school Master Deaver teaches Women's Self Defense courses for various organizations which includes churches, schools, hospitals, professional offices, and medical organizations.

Master currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo Karate, and Nidan in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, and continues to promote both arts in his school in Pinole, California. 

Professor Joe DeBattista

Bio is forthcoming

Sensei Tony Debattista

Bio is forthcoming

Professor Lee Eichelberger


Professor Lee Eichelberger was a 10th degree black belt in Kodenkan Jujitsu and was a Past President of Jujitsu America. He was one of the founding members, a life member, served on the Board of Representatives and various committees for Jujitsu America. He was a recipient of Jujitsu America's Instructor of the Year Award and its Black Belt Hall of Fame Award. He was also a 9th degree black belt and Professor in Small Circle Jujitsu™ a Jujitsu system created and founded by Professor and Grandmaster Wally Jay. Professor Eichelberger had been the senior student of Professor Jay for many years. 

Professor Eichelberger had been involved in Jujitsu for over 40 years, as both a continuing student and instructor of Jujitsu in both Small Circle Jujitsu and Kodenkan Jujitsu. He founded and taught at the Alameda Small Circle Jujitsu Club, in Alameda, California. In addition he has taught at many conventions and clinics and at other invited dojos and locations, including camps in Hawaii, Boston, Indiana and California. He enjoyed teaching self-defense to students at all levels. His training and teaching included the small circle theory and its many applications and he had a special interest in many Kodenkan Kata forms, both older and modern interpretations. (Bio Date 10/8/18) 

Sensei Dave Fairfield

Sensei Fairfield began his Jujitsu instruction in l963 at the Island Judo / Jujitsu Club. He was hired as a teacher and coach at Alameda High School in l964. During his tenure at Alameda High School, Sensei taught biology, physiology, was a counselor and physical education teacher.  He 
coached swimming, water polo, and tennis.   In l975, the Alameda High School physical education department was told that the gym would be unavailable as a teaching station, due to earthquake renovation, and the instructors were asked to "improvise a program for a year".  We were given a dingy room in the basement of the cafeteria.  Sensei Janice Okamoto 
was in Sensei Fairfield's first class.  Jujitsu evolved over the years to  become one of the finest physical education programs in the history ofthe Alameda School District..  The Juitsu class was voted the best Physical Education class in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The class was invited to demonstrate at two State of California Teachers Conventions, and at the National Secondary School Teachers Convention. Alameda High School students participated at the Henry S. Okazaki National Championships.  Sensei's David Fairfield, Ron Beatty and Janice Okamoto were the founders of Camp Danzan Ryu, held each year in Felton, California.

Sensei was voted "Teacher of the Year" in l984 for his work with the Jujitsu program, the only physical education in the 125 year history of the Alameda Unified School District to receive this award, and was the North Coast Section Honor Coach of the year in l985.

Sensei Fairfield has been voted by Jujitsu America to the Hall of Fame and also voted Instructor of the Year. Sensei holds the rank of Rokudan, and has his Instructors certificate in Seifukujitsu.

Sensei retired from teaching in l997, moved to Sonora, California where he and his wife, Allison have just completed building their dream house, complete with a 400 square foot dojo. Sensei continues to teach at Mountain Storm Jujitsu in Sonora, California

Sensei Robert Gale


Sensei Rob Gale has been studying, training and teaching martial arts since 1968. He has extensive training in Small Circle Jujitsu, Kodenkan Jujitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, and Wrestling, but has also studied other forms of jujitsu, karate, aikido, ninjitsu, pressure points, eskrima/arnis/kali, chin na, and restorative massage. He has competed at the international level in judo and jujitsu, with numerous trophies at state championships and international events. He has demonstrated and taught Small Circle Jujitsu, Combat Jujitsu, Judo and Massage at events around the USA and internationally (Europe, Japan, Thailand, and more). He has appeared in martial arts videos, TV programs, and on radio shows.



  • Certified instructor of Small Circle Jujitsu™ (one of the first to be awarded)
  • Certified instructor of Kodenkan Jujitsu (from Jujitsu America)
  • Certified instructor/coach of Kodokan Judo
  • Certified Sport Jujitsu Referee (from Jujitsu America)
  • Certified Combat Jujitsu International Referee (from Combat Jujutsu International Federation)


  • Jujitsu America Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • Council Member for Combat Jujutsu International Federation
  • Business Manager for Small Circle Jujitsu International
  • California Regional Director for US Police Defense Tactics Association
  • West Coast Representative for American Combat Jujitsu
  • West Coast Representative for Dave Castoldi Street Jujitsu
  • “Professor Wally Jay Award”, “Small Circle Jujitsu Distinguished Service Award”, “Outstanding Black Belt Award”, “Jujitsu America Ohana Award”, "Jujitsu America Distinguished Service Award, plus more.

 Sensei Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy is yodan, fourth degree black belt, in Kodenkan Jujitsu and Sandan, third degree black belt, in Kodokan Judo. He's been an instructor at Cahill's Judo Academy since 1998, also helping out with the Paralympic Blind Judo Team. He also teaches judo at the Academy of Art University, the only art school in the country with a judo program.

Sensei Bob Hodge

I've Studied some of the EASTERN and WESTERN Martial Arts. I began studying in 1965, continuing to the present and what I've lacked in natural talent (and I don't claim any), I've made up for in longevity. The Martial Arts that I've studied are;(WESTERN) Boxing, Wrestling, Sport Fencing (all 3 weapons), (EASTERN) Judo/Jujitsu, Karate/Tae Kwon Do, Hopkido and Arnis/Eskrima (in that order).

I've Studied with Prof. Wally Jay (Small Circle Jujitsu) from Sept. 1974 until his retirement. I was a regular student in his classes at the home dojo (not a seminar student) and still practice SCJ.

Since 2003 I've Studied Modern Arnis as a student attending the regular San Pablo (now Richmond), CA Sat. classes of Dr. Remy P. Presas (son of GM Remy A. Presas) (who's innovative methods remind me of Prof. Wally Jay). 

I occasionally teach Self-defense, Jujitsu, Sport Fencing, Modern Arnis and Amma Massage. My main massage instructors have been Prof. Sig Kufferath, Bernice Jay, Jack Carter and lesser known but just as good Jujitsu-Prof. Rudy Aguilar. There have been many other friends and acquaintances who have shared their knowledge and skills with me over the years.

I'm a "Leo" and was born in "The Year Of The Tiger".

My Martial Arts experience began as a form of self-defense (raised in a rough neighborhood in Oakland, CA, no father at home, the older of two boys. I had no one to stick up for me, but I was expected to protect my younger brother and boxing came along "it was ideal"). Self-defense unexpectedly became a hobby (I wasn't a winner and didn't like being hit, so I gave up boxing in 1968 and found fencing). Fencing had romance, I'd read a lot of adventure books featuring sword-play and thrilled to the swashbuckler movies. Unfortunately I didn't become a hero, but I stuck with fencing and got fairly good. In '72 (while trying to be Batman without the cape and cowl) as a juvenile counselor needing to restrain kids (boys, hellbent on taking a piece out of my or someone else's hide), judo/jujitsu instruction was offered by a really great guy named Joe Watson Sr. who instructed me for the next two and a half years. I've found that over the years martial arts has taken on a life of it's own (I didn't become a Superhero, Warrior or Warrior-monk.  I've enjoyed practicing and instructing as a hobby).

Because of my involvement with the martial arts, fencing and massage, I've made a great many friends. Some of these friends have even adopted me into their families. Most of them are there willing to be supportive and help me when I have had need of them.

As a student of Prof. Wally Jay I've had access to many of the popular big names in martial arts. It was a lucky break that I met Prof. Jay, I didn't know who he was at the time I started his classes. I also didn't realize how well known and great Prof. Sig Kufferath or Prof. Jack Carter were when I started studying with them. I didn't have a plan I just pursued a hobby and was very lucky. And the luck continues with the likes of Prof. Rudy Aguilar and Dr. Remy Presas Jr.

Ranks I hold: (1) 3rd Black Belt with Jujitsu America (2) 6th Black Belt with Small Circle Jujitsu, Prof. Wally Jay gave me one of his own black belts in 1999 (the only thing I might call a trophy in martial arts) (3) Senior Instructor-7th Lakan (Black Belt) in The Presas Family Modern Arnis from the MARPPIO organization. Instructor certificate with Jujitsu America in Jujitsu and Senior Massage Instructor. Permission to teach Jujitsu From Prof. Wally Jay, Permission to teach Modern Arnis from Dr. Remy P. Presas and a Massage Instructor certificate from Prof. Jack Carter. UNOFFICIALLY; a self-defense instructor since 1978, including teaching self-defense at a local Community College, Community groups and individuals and a sport fencing instructor since 1983. What I mean by "unofficial" is that I didn't have any group or organization to sanction me, but I found a void that needed filling and was fortunate enough to find support and be successful filling it.


Sensei Al Ikemoto

Bio is forthcoming

Professor David Jennings


Professor David Jennings began his martial arts career as a judo student at Cahill's Judo Academy in San Bruno, California in 1965.  Five years later Cahill's began jujitsu classes.  David found that this discipline suited his primary interest which was self-defense.  He progressed rapidly in jujitsu earning his black belt at the age of 18.  David continues his association with Cahill's by sharing the teaching duties of jujitsu classes twice a week.  Often times David has been the beginning adult's first introduction to martial arts.  His perseverance, patience and embodiment of ohana-sharing- have fostered many others lifelong commitment to martial arts.

In addition to his 9th degree black belt rank in jujitsu David also holds a 1st degree black belt in judo and has an active interest in wing-chung kung fu.  He is a lifetime member of the U.S. Judo Association (USJA) and Jujitsu America (JA).   He is currently a member of the JA Standards Board and participates in other projects at the request of the JA Board of Directors.

He was inducted into the JA Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2000.

David balances his martial arts teaching with his profession as a mechanical engineer.  He lives in Moss Beach, California with his wife Rita.

Professor Ron Jennings