Jujitsu America Massage Programs

Jujitsu America offers certifications and oversight of education in the traits and characteristics of Okasaki Restorative Massage.

Keep an eye on our events for various massage related events.

For more information about about our Massage
Programs, Classes and Certifications, please contact

Robert Hodge
641 36th Street
Richmond, CA 94805

Massage Instructors

Senior Massage Instructors (formally Master Of Massage title):

Rudy Aguilar

Janice Okamoto

Jack Carter

Lee Eichelberger (inactive)

Robert Hodge

Massage Instructors:

Al Ikemoto

Donna Cary

Keith Adams

Provisional Massage Instructors:

Robert Telles

Chris Peterson

Massage Certifications

Basic Massage (20 hour course)

Intermediate Massage (20 hour course)

Advanced Massage (20 hour course)

Once you get all three certifications, you can work toward becoming a Provisional Massage Instructor, then Massage Instructor and then Senior Massage Instructor. 

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