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Jujitsu America Sport Jujitsu Competition

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Sport Jujitsu Rules and Regulation

Jujitsu America Sport Jujitsu Committee's two-fold mission. 

First, to provide a safe, healthy environment for jujitsu competitors of all ages and abilities so they can compete and continually develop their skills at all levels of competition. Second, to provide a framework that encourages events from small inner dojo competitions to national level competitions. Ultimately synching with international competitions incorporating rules and procedures that bridge many different styles.


The goal of the JA Sport Jujitsu program is to promote a balanced and vigorous approach to competition Jujitsu that provides equal opportunity for competitors from any martial arts background to succeed. The training focus may be in any style of Jujitsu or any other arts combining or including striking and kicking, throwing and takedowns, or grappling. JA Sport Jujitsu tournaments have included practitioners of many different styles of Jujitsu, as well as Judo, Hapkido, Kajukenbo, Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and others. Providing a safe format for aggressive competition in this open-style format offers a fun competition experience for all.

Strong competition provides a healthy opportunity for participants to test their skills while allowing the athlete to develop physically, mentally, and culturally. Beyond dynamic competition, good sportsmanship and competitor safety are of prime concern within the JA Sport Jujitsu program. Competitors range in age from 6 to 60+, with most competitors planning to compete with 100% focus on tournament day, then going back to school or work the next day. In order to ensure this, the JA Sport Jujitsu program has employed a range of safety rules designed to protect the athletes, while allowing them to fully test their skills and techniques in competition.

The JA Sport Jujitsu program delivers an exciting, balanced, and fair competition format. Points are awarded for striking or kicking to legal target areas, for effective throws and takedowns, and for mat work (pins and submissions). Matches consist of two two-minute rounds with a one-minute break. Points are totaled at the end of each round and the winner is determined based on accumulation of points or by immediate win if a competitor accrues two submissions during the course of the match.

Jujitsu America is delighted to be working in close cooperation and partnership with the US Judo Association, and with our longtime partner and supplier Tiger Claw, to bring top-quality competition and training events to all our respective members and to the broader martial arts community!

Jujitsu America Sport Jujitsu Committee

Committee Chairperson
Prof. Willy Cahill
Committee Members
Professor Richard Bunch
Professor Joe Souza
Professor Duwane McCraney
Professor David Jennings
Chris Peterson
Mike Martin
Carla Bunch
Daniel Ruocco
Todd Birdseye